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Seatbite is a stadium and venues food delivery app to help fans order food, beverages and merchandise without leaving their seat. Our runners will deliver the product to you at any time during the event.

SeatBite 4.4 - Tipografia Vermelha Fundo
SeatBite 2.2 - App Vermelho Fundo Transp


Our mission is to provide a solution to restaurants in stadiums and venues, putting forward the best services focusing on customer satisfaction and a trust worthy application where fans can order the variety of products we have to offer. 



Cashless App

Less Lines

Reduce the lines on your restaurant and deliver more products in less time with just a few clicks.

Higer Revenue 

Fans will place more orders and larger ones using the Seatbite app. 

Happier Fans 

Fans become happier ordering from their seat and not missing important moments. 

Access to Reports

Access to data about orders, who the customer is and what exactly they want, driving to more revenue and savings.



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Graduated FI Lisbon 2020


Finalist at FSTT 2020


Incubated at  Demium Lisbon


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